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Take a Bite of New Business with the Right Customized Food Packaging!

Take a Bite of New Business with the Right Customized Food Packaging!

Since the pandemic, there has been a spike in grab & go meals and deliveries leading to new trends in food packaging for safety, functionality, and branding. In addition to restaurants, movie theaters have also capitalized on the growing popularity of food packaging by expanding their concession offerings through sports bars, family fun centers, bowling, gaming, rock climbing, and more.

If you manage a restaurant or movie theater, customized food packaging is a tool in your toolkit that can increase brand awareness, drive positive customer feedback, and reduce product and labor costs.

In this blog, we explore food packaging trends, challenges, and solutions for restaurants and movie theaters.

New Trends in Food Packaging

Following COVID-19, several new trends in food packaging have emerged to help businesses meet changing consumer expectations and to save on costs:

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Versatility & Efficiency

Versatile packaging that fits different order sizes can help companies become more efficient by reducing SKUs and saving on inventory costs. Businesses also want products that are easy to assemble to keep operations moving quickly and efficiently, reduce the number of associates required for packaging, and save on labor costs.

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There have been significant technological improvements in packaging that help conserve heat, so food is fresh and not soggy for consumers.

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Many businesses are looking to create more environmentally friendly packaging, especially in certain states where laws or regulations require more sustainable products.

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Impactful Messaging

With emerging technologies, companies can inscribe customized messages into their food packaging that appeal to their consumers, highlighting their loyalty program and any new marketing initiatives.

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Design & Branding

New design trends enable businesses to use food packaging as an important marketing tool to showcase their logos and brands and differentiate themselves from competitors.

“You might have the best food in town, but the consumer isn’t going to try it unless you make it stand out with the right food packaging that speaks to them,” said Marianne Abiaad, Executive Vice President of Royal Corporation, a BradyPLUS company.

Challenges Businesses Face Without the Right Food Packaging

Companies that don’t have the right food packaging can be negatively impacted in different ways, ranging from customer complaints to loss of sales.

Lack of Sales Growth

  • Without the right food packaging design, companies can have trouble differentiating their brand from the competition, leading to limited sales growth.

Failing Packaging

  • If the packaging is not high quality, it can fail or fall apart with food inside, leading to customer complaints and an overall negative perception of the business.

Complex Assembly Process

  • Packaging with a complex assembly process can slow down business operations at peak times when there are long lines of customers waiting to order. In addition to negatively impacting product sales, a complex assembly process requires more associates to package, which increases costs.

At BradyPLUS, we take a comprehensive approach to identifying pain points and finding solutions for our customers. Our value proposition is providing SUPPLIES + SUPPORT, the most compelling assortment of the best products and brands, expert advice, and exceptional customer experiences.

“We develop products from scratch after listening to our customers' needs and understanding their business objectives. We don’t simply pull a product from our warehouse; we work closely with our clients to find customized solutions that are created to address their unique challenges and enable them to thrive,” said Abiaad.

Customized Food Packaging Yielding Results for BradyPLUS Customers

BradyPLUS customers in the movie and restaurant industries have benefited from the company’s customized food packaging solutions in a variety of areas, including:

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cost savings
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“We help our customers become successful because we understand that every business environment is different and requires a customized approach. We work with our clients to develop comprehensive plans that address specific pain points in their foodservice operations. It’s not just about delivering a product but finding a solution,” said Abiaad.

Are you looking to capitalize on the latest food packaging trends? ⬇️Contact Us today to learn more about our customized approach to identify and deliver solutions that ensure your foodservice operation is maximizing its potential.

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