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Let’s Get Moving! Packaging Automation to Ramp Up Efficiency

Let’s Get Moving! Packaging Automation to Ramp Up Efficiency

In just about any packaging operation, the name of the game is speed.

If you don’t get packages out quickly, chances are your clients won’t get the products they depend on. That’s especially challenging as many companies face labor shortages across the country.

For example, The Sports Warehouse, a group of specialty sporting goods retailers, found assembling packages took more steps than necessary, slowing down the operations.

“We’ve made a name on getting packages out efficiently and quickly to customers, and if you run out of packages, you can’t do anything,” said Devin Sullivan, East Coast General Manager for the Sports Warehouse. “In today’s world, the name of the game is speed; if you can’t get it out the door fast enough, they’ll go somewhere else.”

Sullivan said that even a small box used a significant amount of void fill. The company’s previous packaging equipment required someone to physically tear off a roll during the assembly process.

That’s when Jimmy Hehir, a Strategic Account Manager for Southeastern Paper Group (SEPG), a BradyPLUS company, began looking into automated solutions to reduce the need for manual labor and increase efficiency during the packaging assembly process.

“Like everybody in the industry right now, there’s a labor shortage,” said Hehir. “So, what we introduced is a piece of automation equipment. One at a time, it forms the case, puts flaps down at the bottom, and basically has a pack-ready box spit out the other side of it.”

“They’re the Pregis machines with the paper,” said Sullivan. “Instead of manually tearing off a roll, it (the machine) tears it off and replenishes for the next person.”

We also work with the Sports Warehouse to ensure timely shipment of their key boxes, a set of essential SKUs that we supply to ship their products. The company orders specific sizes for different components of its business.

“If we run out of his key boxes and can’t deliver those on time, his business stops,” said Hehir. “It’s critically important for him to have a partner that can handle warehousing all those different types of products and know they’re going to be there when he needs them.”

The Sports Warehouse increased efficiency and productivity by utilizing automated packaging equipment.

At BradyPLUS, our industry experts listen to our clients’ needs so we can understand what packaging solutions meet their business objectives. That’s how we build deep relationships with our clients rooted in trust.

“I try to be his eyes and ears in the market,” said Hehir. “I try to bring him new ideas, and I think he’s extremely open and like-minded from that standpoint.”

“Whatever they’ve said, they’ve backed up,” said Sullivan. “They certainly are an essential part of our business, and we wouldn’t be much without them.”

Watch the full story here.

If you’re looking for labor-saving solutions to enhance efficiency, our team of experts is ready to work to bring your business to the next level. Contact BradyPLUS, and we’ll thoroughly evaluate your packaging operation and identify solutions that meet your business objectives.

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