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Meet the Growing Demand for 3PL in 2023

Meet the Growing Demand for 3PL in 2023

Key Factors to Boost Your Packaging Supply Chain

If you’re in the supply chain business, chances are you’re very familiar with the abbreviation “3PL” (third-party logistics). 3PL companies provide services such as shipping and receiving, inventory management, warehousing, and picking and packing for e-commerce and other supply companies to maximize efficiency and lower costs in labor and inventory for their clients.

Common 3PL Challenges

Demand for 3PL providers is booming with today’s growing expectations for the fast delivery of goods to end users (end users being both business-to-business and business-to-consumer). However, higher demand for services means your supply chain operation could be facing new challenges that don’t always have a clear solution. How are 3PLs keeping up with 2023’s industry trends? Consider these three key factors to capitalize on the growing demand for 3PLs:

One: Automation + Technology

New technology has drastically improved the logistics industry, but companies that don’t adapt to the changes quickly can easily fall behind, leading to dissatisfaction or even the loss of key clients. 

With an upgraded process, 3PLs can harness the power of data analytics and automation to stay in front of demand, streamline their operations, and increase productivity, thus lowering the costs of supplies and labor.

Technology isn’t only for streamlining order entries or tracking shipments. It can also help during the packaging process in the form of machinery.  At BradyPLUS, we work with clients to provide the right stretch wrappers, pallet wrappers, case sealers, automatic case erectors, and more. Packaging equipment can be used to reduce the amount of required labor, speed up production, and increase efficiency.

Two: Labor Shortages

Since the pandemic, finding talented labor has become a challenge for every industry. With the rapid growth of demand for 3PL services, warehouse associates and production personnel were quickly pulled in multiple directions as companies tried to keep up.

With the help of packaging equipment and technology, several packaging operations can be automated, increasing efficiency for your team and potentially lowering the excess workload on associates, improving their work conditions.

Three: Waste Reduction

Many times, 3PLs can get stuck in the never-ending loop of excess waste. That often occurs due to poor automation processes, low-quality or improper use of packaging materials, and hesitation from the company to investigate their packaging operations (often due to time constraints or being unaware of a problem). Not only does this hinder productivity and cause unnecessary spending, but it also poses a risk to sustainability efforts.

Packaging supplies that are commonly used during the pack and ship process, such as corrugated boxes, tape, stretch wrap, and other products, are often overlooked as a fixed cost that cannot be reduced. However, that’s not always the case. Even a small, simple switch in the products that 3PLs use can decrease the amount of waste produced, in turn lowering costs, increasing efficiency, and improving sustainability efforts.

Check out our sustainable packaging solutions, and contact us to learn how you can take steps to reduce waste in your packaging process.


How Can We Help the 3PL Industry?

Success Story

Amy Packer, Packaging Specialist with BradyPLUS, was visiting a client’s facility when she noticed something that seemed off in their packaging process.

“I asked if I could perform a quick audit,” said Packer. “They agreed, so I got to work. After studying their process, I discovered they’d been following the same packaging procedures for years. They were using 3-inch tape to u-clip cartons and didn’t have an efficient tape-cutting method.”

Amy continued to explain that, although this seems like a simple oversight that wouldn’t affect anything, these two things alone can slow production and increase costs substantially if left unchecked.

“A simple switch to 2-inch tape and adding a streamlined cutting process would increase efficiency by 80%, reduce their waste production, and save them money,” said Packer.

While it was not Packer's intent to audit during her visit, her keen eye and industry expertise enabled her to help her customer meet their business objectives. After Packer presented her findings, her customer made the recommended changes and has been able to reduce waste and increase efficiency, all while saving money. It’s a perfect example of the customized solutions that BradyPLUS delivers.

A female worker taping a box in a warehouse

Are you wondering if your packaging process is efficient? Contact BradyPLUS, and we will perform a thorough audit and provide insightful recommendations to improve your business operations. We have industry experts from coast to coast who specialize in packaging, from identifying the most efficient automation processes to helping you find the right tape for your application.

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