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Faulty Handwashing Sensors Cause Drama: Avoid Customer Complaints!

Faulty Handwashing Sensors Cause Drama: Avoid Customer Complaints!

A drama unexpectedly unfolded off-stage at a prominent performing arts center in the New York metropolitan area. The theater’s issue is shining a light on a broader problem of restroom cleanliness at businesses across the country.

Have you ever tried to wash your hands at a business, but the soap dispenser won’t activate? Well, that’s exactly what led to a series of customer complaints at the performing arts center.

“During high traffic, large volume usage when they had major shows going on, they had sensor issues, and the patrons weren't able to get the hand soap that they needed to wash their hands,” said Eric Feld, Area Manager for American Paper & Supply Company, a BradyPLUS company. “When the customer went to take an application of hand soap, the sensor wasn't reading their motion and wasn't dispensing hand soap.”

Customers started complaining about the issue to the director of operations and the maintenance staff. That’s when the performing arts center turned to BradyPLUS to provide them with a solution that was both functional and cost-saving.

Continued Feld, “With respect to health, people need to control the spread of pathogens, and they look for healthy hand hygiene when they walk into a restroom. Through our discovery phase, we learned that people were questioning the cleanliness of the entire facility.”

After conducting a thorough assessment of the customer’s facility, our team of experts identified a cost-saving solution to the theater’s challenge: our exclusive brand, the KleenLine™ Counter Mount Soap System. We then conducted a demonstration of the product so that the maintenance staff had confidence about making the switch.

mosaic of images of art performing center, restroom and handwashing system

“The beautiful thing is that the KleenLine system has a significant amount more capacity in each refill, so the cost per use actually went down with the system, coupled with the fact that it actually works,” said Feld. “Instead of refilling the restrooms two or three times during the show, the staff can focus on other activities, reducing labor, and the cost per application was less too.”

The KleenLine system also saved the arts center money by preventing their customers from going elsewhere, which would have led to a loss in revenue. The KleenLine is designed to handle high-volume use.

Since installing the new system, Feld says the performing arts center has had no issues and no customer complaints.

“The KleenLine system is working great. The reason why it’s been so successful is it’s specifically designed for high-traffic areas, such as museums, theaters, airports, and stadiums,” said Feld. “So, it’s a perfect solution for them.”

According to Feld, the hand dispensing issues happening at the theater represent a larger problem in the market, particularly for venues with high traffic.

Feld says it’s not always the sensor that’s the problem with a hand dispensing system. That’s why it’s important to take a holistic approach to find the highest quality technology on the market.

“It could be a sensor, it could be a nozzle, it could be the fitting,” said Feld.

KleenLine touch-free soap dispenser with logo

Our industry experts provide training and education so that our customers have the knowledge to find the best solution for their business to keep it operating at the highest level. Reach out to us today, and we’ll conduct a complete assessment of your facility to determine the cleaning solutions right for you and your customers. It’s simple to get started! ⬇️

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